About us

The company was founded in April 2008, and December of the same year started its activities with the exploitation license. Our activities include the import and assembly types of components and subset used in the automotive Industry Company , such as the engine, gearbox, seats, wire harness, exhaust, dashboard, rear and front Axel and assemble type of plastic components, mirrors, Air conditioner system, bumper, steering system. In addition, the company works on the components of self-sufficiency. Job creation is one of the goals within the company. Therefore, increasing the skilled human resources is one of the major needs within the company.
The most important strategy of our company is the assembly of Dashboard, Rear Axel, Front Axel, Motor, Gearbox, production and collection of single fuel lifan620 and lifanX60 with 1.8 liter engines, JAC S5 with 2 liter turbo engine, JAC J5 with 1.5 liter manual gearbox and 1.8 liter with automatic gearbox. This strategy is fully consistent in the criteria for reducing fuel consumption and emission of cars with Euro 4 standards and approved by the bureau of standards and environment.